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Upon approval of the neighborhood Master Plan, red zones were defined for urban renewal. Due to the poor condition of existing housing, it was decided to encourage a demolition-reconstruction process. The complex includes ten residential buildings with 336 housing units, which will be replaced with 750 residential units. The economic equation of building an additional 446 units will be resolved by adding complementary land 

Each lot consists of 150 residential units. The plan proposes a hybrid scheme reaching a maximum of 20 storeys— a novel architectural solution for Jerusalem rather than the common high-rise building. Apartments are exposed to southern light with a view to the adjacent neighborhood park.
The design provides affordable maintenance for future co-existence of present tenants, middle-class residents and ultra-orthodox—a footprint of the city of Jerusalem.

Urban Renewal:Stern (red) Compound: Project
Urban Renewal:Stern (red) Compound: Portfolio
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