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Architects & Urban Designers

Partnership between Nilly R. Harag and Jan Tandrevold.

We have associated ourselves with a range of projects in the realm of social and civil, cultural and educational programs, for a variety of users. We are known for our commitment to the collaborative aspect of making architecture. We focus on developing our designs to reach socially, culturally and architecturally intelligible projections.  The professional partnership entails a vision of architecture as a wide field along varying but consistent scale, emphasizing the stretch between culture and architectural tradition while paying attention to content, quality and budget. Our experience includes diverse projects of varying scale; neighborhood planning, design guidelines, master plan, town planning, urban renewal, residential complexes, public and educational institutions, strategic plans and policies.  Our clients range from governmental offices, public agencies, municipalities, entrepreneurs to private clients.

We see the purpose of architecture as to enable every person to find a discreet place in the world, from the invention of a spatial space to the construction of meaningful world around us. We search for liminal spaces in order to imagine spaces beyond the physical boundaries of everyday life. Our challenge is to stabilize the orderly division of architecture into separate bodies of knowledge while placing the architect's mode of operation on the threshold between the concrete and the universal.

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